Rolex Watches: Reviews on GMT-MBSTER II 116710BLNR

rolex replica swiss
rolex replica swiss

Rolex is a classic Swiss watch brand, and has always been a leader in the global watch industry. The craft and technology of the Rolex watch has produced its glory. Each Rolex man watch has its unique creation, unique personality, and the unique creation and design, and its uniqueness of the Rolex watches make it loved deeply by all kinds of successful person. Here just appreciate the Rolex men watch GMT-MBSTER II 116710BLNR in the follows:

For this Rolex watch, it is characterized by the frequency of 28800 / hour (4 hz), paramagnetism PARACHROM balance spring and the Breguet type balance spring, stable equilibrium balance wheel, 31 rubies, power reserve of about 48 hours, through the four golden fine adjustment screws you can highly adjust the accuracy. The watch strap of the Rolex Ref.116710BLNR is three rows of solid link oyster type strap with the texture of 904 L stainless steel, and watch buckle is folding oyster insurance clasp, with easily adjustable links and the watch strap can easily extend to 5 mm. the watch surface of this Rolex watch is in black color; The hour mark is of 18 ct white gold and easily readable CHROMALIGHT luminous hour markers.

More tips on the Rolex Watches:

As the Rolex watch has very high demand for the technical parameters, so changing the Rolex watch case is a very fine work, according to different watch quality, the price of changing the watch case is different also. For the general Rolex watches, changing the watch case costs about 3000 Yuan or so. If it stipulated in the watch industry association, the expensive Rolex watches of tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the maintenance costs, it also needs to add one over one thousand of the inspection fee according to the watch introduction class. If you want to change Rolex watch case, you have to find a professional technology and resource allocation.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Men babysbreath Watches

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replica rolex

The suggestion of the Rolex Men babysbreath watch

This Rolex Men babysbreath watch is more than 800,000RMB, whose watch dial is inlaid with ruby, and the ruby decoration adds brilliance to the present splendor of this nobly golden watch. The watches of this series are made by 18K gold, platinum, mother pearl shellfish, diamonds or 904L stainless steel. And the watch dial design all applying the 26 mm diameter. Among the men babysbreath watches, the combination of the yellow gold and steel, applying the simple oyster three lines watch strap, equipped with oyster strap buckle which can deal with the watch chain adjustment of 5 mm. It is matching with the Rolex memorable five lines design strap, on the watch dial it applies the golden and gray rolex memorable dark pattern design, with two lines on both side are the material of steel, and the middle three lines are yellow gold material, along with the crown watch buckle, you will show your yellow gold king temperament surely!

Tips on identifying Rolex Men babysbreath watch

Looking the appearance of Rolex watches, you will find the watch case is exquisite, and the watch strap, watch crown and the English words clearly and complete, however, the fake ones features rough watch case and vague English words. Especially the watch bottom and case teeth are very exquisite and clear and bright with third dimension feeling. But the fake Rolex watches have not. For the weight, the real rolex watch has heavy hands feeling, but the fake one is much lighter. For the color of the real Rolex watch, its yellow gold quality will never change the color, but the fake ones will turn back to the original color after wearing for a long time. And for the Rolex real babysbreath watch or diamond watch, the diamonds are true, but the diamonds of the replica rolex watches are fake.

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Swiss Watches: Choose Best Swiss Watch from Audemars Piguet and Cartier Watches

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audemars piguet replica swiss

Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore was released in 1993 to public, and then comes the Jumbo which was designed by Gérald Genta and suddenly gained tremendous popularity. This is the second time that Audemars Pigeut put its bid on Royal Oak. Just like Royal Oak Jumbo that can be categorized in a new class, Royal Oak Offshore is the real luxurious watch that is designed for the next generation and, and launched another brand new branch: Super Luxurious Sport Watch.

But in 2014 all Royal Oak Offshore return to its origin, and promoted a 42-mm Roo, which like a Roo in 1993. The new Roo has 6 versions. They gives you a much dedicated impression, and the case and dial has new changes, including the craving sapphire case back. What’s more, you will find some big changes on the new Roo. For example, rubber is not applied to the case; instead, black ceramic is applied to the case, including chronograph button and crown. new dial has an amazing look, and the classic Safari combination on it.

Rontonde de Cartier has a treasure jewelry case within which there is a grand complicated movement: floating tourbillon, Astro Régulateur, chronograph counter on central dial… the dial is made of 18 k white gold and measures 42 mm. The features on old Ronde de Cartier as you will see round and simple lines, which is high-recognizable mark on Breguet. A pure blue dial is clearly be seen even under a bright light thanks to the anti-flective sapphire mirror. The crown on Rontonde de Cartier is made of 18 k white gold, and round gem-setting appears to be novel and makes the metal shines. The protruding sapphire sets off the crown its best form. And if you are to buy one, the Cartier W1556241 is surely the great choice for you!

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Hublot Watches: Reviews on the Bright Red Ceramic Watch

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swiss replica hublot

On 2013 the Only Watch showed its respect to the global initiative and bright color ceramic material of the Hublot watches to represent bright red ceramic watches which has the high quality the same as those of black and red ceramic watches, and it was wrist watch that has applied for the international patent.

This is a wrist watch fully embodies the independent innovation ability of Hublot wrist watch, and also a new watch that successful launched new bright color ceramic material again after its first scratch resistant 18 k gold – magic gold in history. This innovative material fused technology for the first time to launch the bright red color, especially to show its respect to the trademark color “Monaco red” on the fifth Only Watch charity auction held in Monaco in 28 September 2013.

Bright red ceramic materials research and development is the key topic of the Hublot watch research and development department and Hublot casting room located in the Swiss. And it is Hublot watch for the first time found that the “magic formula” can represent bright color of ceramic material in history. The watch bezel of this Hublot watch specially designed for Only Watch and firstly released in the world is adopted the new bright red ceramic material. Wrist watch diameter of 45 mm appeared with the most classic and elegant “classic fusion ” design of the Hublot watch, and fused into the black element to echo the logo color of the Hublot watch.

This unique Hublot wrist watch perfectly interpret the fusion art of the Hublot, which is not only the fusion of the tradition and the modern, but also the fusion of Tabulation technology and high-tech innovation in the 21st century. This was the special tribute great work for the birthplace and home of the Only Watch a charity auction – Monaco.

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Hublot Watches: Tips on Recognizing Hublot Watches from Texture and Quality

hublot replica
hublot replica

When buying a hublot watch, not matter it is authentic or replica, there is a need or it can be said that most of the consumers caring about how to distinguish the Hublot watch you have bought. Here are some tips to recognize Hublot Knockoff from its texture and quality.

Tips one: see the magic gold of the Hublot watches replica

After years of painstaking research with Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Hublot replica watches realized the true fusion of pure gold and boron carbide (ceramic): the new released 18 k gold alloy of the Hublot watches are better than the traditional gold alloys on the hardness and scratch resistance, and retains the best features of ceramic and gold. In the process of polishing, uncarved alloy will gradually faded black color slants originally and coruscate unique golden color, there comes the name of “magic gold”. As the leading achievement of precious metal alloy in the new age, magic gold is exclusive produced by Hublot tabulation factory.

Tips two: see the carbon of the Hublot watches replica

Carbon content is second to the oxygen among the earth element (about 18.5%). Such a great content, plus the diversity of its organic compounds and remarkable ability in forming polymer in the  earth’s normal temperature, which makes this elements be the chemical fundamental of all known living organisms, the human body and even the diamond. In the manufacture of Hublot replica watches, we use carbon to acquire the carbon fiber, which thanks to the carbon atoms. Carbon happened structural rearrangement so as to get weaving fibrin and surrounded by resin, and finally used in the manufacture of watch case or components of the Hublot watches replica. The thermal decomposition of synthetic process can make us get very strong and light material. The weight of the carbon fiber is less than 2.6 g per cubic meter. This kind of material is widely used in aerospace, military, medicine and other high-tech industries. In fact, carbon fiber also gives the Hublot replica watch the real modern style.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on IW544404 Watch

replica watches sale
replica watches sale

Here will introduce the IWC IW544404 in detail. For a regulator, many people merely think that is the different design for hands, but they do not know even a minor change would result in the big changes on the whole structure. The movement with regulator is different from the normal movement. As the IW544404 has a big size, therefore, the movement also needs a large space. So the movement we have here is the 98245 automatic winding movement designed for pocket watch and it oscillates at a frequency of 2.5 HZ and offer 46 hours of power reserve. Although this looks like a normal movement from the date above, but the design itself really impresses us.

Regulator plays an important role in the development of watch, even though it has already lost its original purpose and it inclines more to a nostalgia of history and ornamentation. But from the perspective of a movement, it represents the basis of the movement and become an irreplaceable part of the watch culture.

IWC Portuguese IW544404 has a lot of historical sense as the regulator was applied to the navigation and the Portuguese series derived from the Portuguese navigator’s spirits. A perfect combination! The watch has precious metal applying to it and big dial expresses the man’s spirit, the masculine. The movement with regulator pin reflects IWC’s the prime time in the history of watch industry. Therefore, IWC Portuguese IW544404 is not only a chronograph tool but also a symbol of culture.

More info about the IWC IW544404: watch case of 43.1 mm in diameter and 11.8 mm of thickness, 18k white gold material and watch dial color of deep grey color of round shape, watch mirror of sapphire crystal, watch crown of 18k white gold material, watch strap of deep brown color, watch strap of crocodile leather and waterproof of 30 meters and power reserve of 46 hours. Or you can also check audemars piguet swiss replica for more choices.

Breitling Watches: Reviews on Bentley GMTLight Body B04 Watch

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replica watches swiss

2014 Basel Fair completely at the Breitling Chronométrie developed and produced high-performance automatic chain chronograph movement. The new Bentley GMTLight Body B04 combines the features of comfort, elegance, practical and fashion together to show its unique charm undoubtedly to accompany you travelling all over the world. Wearing on your wrist, its delicate beauty of original design makes it become a veritable carving art: the asymmetry watch ear carrying with the comfortable and durable black rubber strap to show the bold and unique style; the large watch bezel engraved with the exquisite knurled grain, whose inspiration comes from the Bentley’s signature grille; the strong watchcase, fluent line and the built-in timer button is perfectly accord with human body engineering.

As a model of excellent performance, this Breitling Bentley GMTLight Body B04 travel wrist watch features the unprecedentedly convenient operation. The wearer just simply pull the watch crown, forward and backward rotation for the unit with the hour, that can adjust the hour hand to local time, with no effect on the walking time precision of the minute and hand pointers, the date can also be adjusted automatically synchronous forward or backward. For the long journey, Breitling Bentley GMTLight Body B04 also provides unprecedentedly comfortable experience: the rotating inner ring marks the world’s 24 time areas on behalf of the name of the cities, whenever and wherever the wearer can check the 24 time zones around the world in 24 hours. Under the hollow-out watch dial of elaborateness, there is beating a Breitling homemade B04 movement with excellent performance, which has Swiss official certification observatory (COSC) the same as other Breitling watches. Being efficient and precise, Breitling Bentley GMTLight Body B04 accompany you travelling around the world.

More information about the Breitling Bentley GMTLight Body B04: 28800 second-highest pendulum frequency per hour; 47 gem bearing; Power reserve of 70 hours or more, cumulative timer for 30 minutes and 12 hours, Date Display, Timing accuracy up to a quarter of the second.

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Swiss Watches: IWC Pilot Miramar Review

replica watches for sale
replica watches for sale

Military design element is the inspiration source of the IWC TOP GUN naval combat troops Miramar wrist watch series. Among all the IWC watches, the new TOP GUN naval combat forces wrist watch of 2012 is the focus of the whole series of IWC watches. And the latest series of Miramar, also occupies the important position, to show the respects to the birthplace of the Top Gun naval combat troops in California. Today the IWC wrist watch that we are going to talk about is belong to the IWC Pilot collection.

The IWC large pilot series TOP GUN naval combat troops combine the clear-cut instruments in the 1940 s design with the modern tabulation technology of 21st century perfectly. And for the first time it launches three colors of matte grey, beige and green. Miramar wrist watch series of IWC is taken from IWC traditional precision watch design elements, such as independent outside minutes circle and inside hours circle. And the design inspiration of the shiny metal gray ceramic watch case, cream-colored pointer and minutes circle, as well as the green fabric strap come from the military style. Wrist watch of the IWC Pilot Miramar is made of different materials and components, such as watch dial and watch case made of ceramic, whereas the watch crown is made of titanium, with a unique large IWC logo engraved on the  titanium watch crown.

IWC Pilot Miramar is carrying a soft green fabric strap, with the collocation of titanium alloy pin buckle to create outstanding visual effect. And it adopts the Beige pointer and minute circle design and the Red hour circle design. To be sure that this IWC wrist watch diameter is 48 mm with the thickness of15 mm, anyone who wants to buy it needs to see it clearly before your purchasing.

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Blancpain Villeret calendar moon phase watch

replica watches quality
replica watches quality

Villeret is the birthplace of Blancpain, and it also provides design inspiration for the most classic watch series of the Blancpain brand. Villeret series is adhering to the watchmaking tradition, embodies the essence of the brand, deduces the ultimate beauty. Today we are to bring a Blancpain Villeret series calendar moon phase watch, the official model: 6263-3642A-55b.

Blancpain as the oldest watch brand, its excellent watchmaking process is no need to say, absolutely counts on the outstanding brand in the watch industry. It adheres to the tradition of making the mechanical watch so as to pay tribute to the traditional mechanical watches, and there is a stick, that is, only producing the circular watch. Villeret series is one of the most classic watch series of the Blancpain brand, many people liking Blancpain are from liking this series in the beginning. The watch is made of 18K rose gold, and it is matching with the brown crocodile leather strap, featuring date, week, month and moon phase display functions. It uses the round dial system to display the week and month through two windows. The date is indicated by the center pointer. This special shape of the pointer, specifically is used to indicate the secondary information provided by the watch. This Blancpain watch is matching with a brown crocodile leather strap, and it applies with 18K rose gold folding buckle design.

Summary: One of the larger features of this watch is to have full calendar and moon phase profit and loss display. Full calendar and perpetual calendar are different, the full calendar function does not take into account the different lengths of the month, so you need to correct five times a year, respectively, in the number of days less than 31 days at the end. Moon phase shows the moon is in the new moon, gradually surplus, full moon or gradually loss of the stage. At present, the watch is priced at the RMB177,000 yuan, just do not miss it if you like it.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Golden Watch Chronograph

audemars piguet swiss replica
audemars piguet swiss replica

High quality metal bracelet can make the wearer more comfortable. However, the cost of processing precious metals chain is very high, which leading to the substantial increase of watches’ prices. Therefore, only few high brands would choose to adopt precious metals bracelet. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series adopt a special watch bracelet. The links of this bracelet are all made of gold. Combined with the delicate edge handling, It reveals a different kind of elegance in noble luxury.

Although the chronometers has many advantages, it also has a distinct drawback, that is, the thickness. Most Chronograph meters do not have the right thickness, so that the thicker body brought heavier burden to the wrist, and it is relatively detrimental to clothing collocation. The thickness of Royal Oak Chronometer is only 10.8mm, It is similar to ordinary formal watches, which is very suitable for daily using. That’s one of the reasons why I like it more.

Three small dials structure is one of the most common styles of chronometers. Both visual balance and time reading are perfect, which is an important reason for its popularity. Generally, the center pointer is dedicated for timing. The small dial in the position of 6 o’clock is using for ordinary seconds display. The left and right sub dials are used to record the accumulated timing. And at the position of 4 and 5 o’clock, it is just good to place the date display window.

Of course, one of the indispensable elements of Audemars Piguet’s iconic elements is “Grande Tapisserie” Oversized Plaid. It is engraved by the brand’s unique mechanical device with the special dial decoration method of Audemars Piguet. On the basis of oversize plaid, the grain is used as the interstitial texture. The whole watch is generous and hideo, it is a gentleman’s selection. The gold material of this watch show its luxury, and highlights your identity and status.

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